Mileage 001a

Comic WIP

So in order to not make the same mistakes I’ve made on other attempts at this I’m going to start this project with time tracking. I always begin with a rigid schedule and something will come up or change or go for longer then I planned and I end up trashing the entire thing.

So this time I want to find the time I’m most active and energetic and dedicate that time to work instead of brute forcing it for a week and falling off.

So far I’m most likely to get things done before work than after, So I’m going to start moving back my sleep hours significantly, at least for this experiment. I’m looking asleep around 6-7pm and wake up around 2-3am and get all of my drawing done before 10am in between exercise/breakfast chores etc.

That or go for two sleep sessions So wake up at 1030pm after work, draw, then go back to sleep.

Still figuring things out. My “assignment”, due 1/24 is to come up with a schedule that can accommodate my daily life with the most amount of drawing time, may end up I have less time than the 5 hours I started with but that just means I have to be that much more focused with the time I DO have.

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